[knowledgeforge-user] 'svn add' trouble

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Sat Mar 21 17:24:40 UTC 2009

Hi Rufus,

Made a number of interesting changes to knowledgeforge.net, so if there 
are any new problems let me know.

Basically, to run a different KForge, I needed to make 
knowledgeforge.net work with its own kforge and domainmodel. I 
eventually used virtualenv to do this. Quite a lot of details, but I 
won't write them all down here.

Anyway, I was then able to run KForge 0.16 on that machine, installed 
with Provide, with an automated build of 
Apache/Subversion/Serf/mod_python that was directed by Provide. I wasn't 
even able to login with older versions of kforge and dm installed site-wide.

The upshot is that I was subsequently able to 'svn add' and 'svn ci' a 
new file to a repository on that machine.


Next steps are running the current production KForge 0.15 through the 
new Apache, and then moving to using KForge 0.16. It should be quite 
easy from here.

The virtualenv package is quite good!

Best wishes,


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