[public-lod2] Can we create better links by playing games?

Jens Lehmann lehmann at informatik.uni-leipzig.de
Tue Jun 19 19:01:58 UTC 2012

Dear all,

most of you will agree that links are an important element of the Web of 
Data. There exist a number of tools, such as LIMES [1] or SILK [2], 
which are able to create a high number of such links by using 
heuristics. The manual validation of verification of such links can be 
quite tedious, so we try to find out whether game based approaches can 
be used to make that task much more interesting. We developed the 
VeriLinks game prototype and ask for your help to judge how well the the 
validation works by playing the game and answering a few questions in a 

Game: http://verilinks.aksw.org
Survey: http://surveys.aksw.org/survey/verilinks

The survey itself takes only 5 minutes to complete. In addition to 
having the chance to play a game at work ;), there are also great prizes 
to win. 10 randomly selected participants will receive Amazon vouchers:

1st prize: 200 Euro
2nd prize: 100 Euro
3rd prize: 50 Euro
4th - 10th prize: 25 Euro

If you want to win a prize, please participate in the survey until this 
*Friday, June 22, 23:59 CET*.

Kind regards,

Quan Nguyen and Jens Lehmann
(researchers at the AKSW [3] Group, supported by LOD2 [4] and LATC [5])

[1] http://limes.sf.net
[2] http://www4.wiwiss.fu-berlin.de/bizer/silk/
[3] http://aksw.org
[4] http://lod2.eu
[5] http://latc-project.eu

Dr. Jens Lehmann
Head of AKSW/MOLE group, University of Leipzig
Homepage: http://www.jens-lehmann.org
GPG Key: http://jens-lehmann.org/jens_lehmann.asc

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