[public-lod2] Last Call - Workhsops of CISTI'2015: 10th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Thu Mar 5 15:07:11 UTC 2015

10th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies
              17 - 20 June 2015, Aveiro, Portugal

List of CISTI'2015 Workshops with submissions open: http://www.aisti.eu/cisti2015/index.php/en/xpto

> ASDACS 2015 - 2nd Workshop on Applied Statistics and Data Analysis using Computer Science

> SPIoY 2015 - 1st Workshop on Security and Privacy in the Internet Of You

> WCBIPA 2015 - 2nd Workshop on Computational Biomedical Image Processing and Analysis

> WCJSN 2015 - 1st Workshop on Communication and Journalism in Social Networks

> WGICT 2015 - 1st Workshop on Gerontechnology: ICT in the improvement of the quality of life of the elderly

> WISA 2015 - 7th Workshop on Intelligent Systems and Applications

> WICTA 2015 - 2nd International Workshop on ICT for Auditing

> WGSP 2015 - 1st Workshop on Gaming, Simulation and Play

> ICTWays 2015 - 2nd Workshop on Best Practices on ICT Ways in the classrooms

> QoLIS 2015 - 1st Workshop on Quality of Life Information Systems

URL: http://www.aisti.eu/cisti2015/index.php/en/xpto

CISTI'2015 Team

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