[public-lod2] installing the LOD2 stack on (k)ubuntu 14.04: two glitches

Piotr Bański banski at ids-mannheim.de
Mon Mar 23 22:12:34 UTC 2015

Hello List,

With a 3-year delay, I have finally found the time to get a closer look 
at LOD2, and I'm very impressed to see how this initiative has developed 
-- my compliments to its creators and animators!

I've gone through the process of installing the LOD2 stack today. I have 
found two little issues that I thought I'd report, in case someone else 
stumbles upon them. I don't think the LOD2 wiki has comment space, so I 
guess this might be the next place where to look, or at least to report.

I started in a bit messy way, by looking at the instructions for Ubuntu 
12.04 and assuming that things will straightforwardly carry over to 
Kubuntu 14.04 that I'm running on my desktop (Ubuntu 12.04 sits on the 
laptop, but that pleasure I will leave for another day). Assuming 12.04 
had cost me a bit of a hassle and meddling with apt-get and aptitude 
before I deleted the source-package manager line for lod2final, which 
kept resolving to version 6.1 of the virtuoso DB.

Following the instructions on the page


worked almost seamlessly, with two little glitches:

$|apt-get source virtuoso-opensource|

the .dsc information for virtuoso-opensource is not downloadable any 
longer, so the tarball is marked as a faulty download (because the 
checksum can't be verified). The workaround was to browse the 
repository, confirm that the .dsc files are simply absent, and using the 
downloaded tarball without verification:


The second issue was that

$|dpkg-buildpackage -b -rfakeroot|

halted because of unsatisified dependencies on aclocal, despite the 
automake package having been installed. The fix was to install 
automake-1.11 directly (it was aclocal-1.11 that caused the issue).

So the good message is I can confirm that the "old way" of installing 
the stack still works (modulo the two issues mentioned above). I can 
access the Virtuoso Conductor at my localhost address and will play with 
it tomorrow. (I can't access lod2demo but hope it's only temporary; will 
investigate that tomorrow as well).

I hope this helps, either someone browsing this list for info on the 
errors, or by getting the wiki instructions modified (and/or maybe the 
script -- does it have to be aclocal*-1.11*? Mine is at 1.14 now).

Best regards,


Piotr Bański, Ph.D.
Senior Researcher,			Guest Lecturer
Institut für Deutsche Sprache,		Digital Economy Lab
R5 6-13					University of Warsaw
68-161 Mannheim, Germany
KorAP blog: http://korap.ids-mannheim.de/

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