[public-lod2] installing the LOD2 stack on (k)ubuntu 14.04: two glitches

Jens Lehmann lehmann at informatik.uni-leipzig.de
Tue Mar 24 08:56:31 UTC 2015


just a note without having time to look at details: The predecessor of 
the LOD2 stack is the Linked Data Stack and the support mailing lists 
are here: http://stack.linkeddata.org/support-contact/ It might be 
better to ask/report there.

Kind regards,


Am 23.03.2015 um 23:12 schrieb Piotr Bański:
> Hello List,
> With a 3-year delay, I have finally found the time to get a closer look
> at LOD2, and I'm very impressed to see how this initiative has developed
> -- my compliments to its creators and animators!
> I've gone through the process of installing the LOD2 stack today. I have
> found two little issues that I thought I'd report, in case someone else
> stumbles upon them. I don't think the LOD2 wiki has comment space, so I
> guess this might be the next place where to look, or at least to report.
> I started in a bit messy way, by looking at the instructions for Ubuntu
> 12.04 and assuming that things will straightforwardly carry over to
> Kubuntu 14.04 that I'm running on my desktop (Ubuntu 12.04 sits on the
> laptop, but that pleasure I will leave for another day). Assuming 12.04
> had cost me a bit of a hassle and meddling with apt-get and aptitude
> before I deleted the source-package manager line for lod2final, which
> kept resolving to version 6.1 of the virtuoso DB.
> Following the instructions on the page
> http://wiki.lod2.eu/display/LOD2DOC/Deploying+LOD2+stack+on+a+more+recent+version+of+Ubuntu
> worked almost seamlessly, with two little glitches:
> $|apt-get source virtuoso-opensource|
> the .dsc information for virtuoso-opensource is not downloadable any
> longer, so the tarball is marked as a faulty download (because the
> checksum can't be verified). The workaround was to browse the
> repository, confirm that the .dsc files are simply absent, and using the
> downloaded tarball without verification:
> http://stack.lod2.eu/deb/distributions/pool/main/v/virtuoso-opensource/virtuoso-opensource_7.1.tar.gz
> The second issue was that
> $|dpkg-buildpackage -b -rfakeroot|
> halted because of unsatisified dependencies on aclocal, despite the
> automake package having been installed. The fix was to install
> automake-1.11 directly (it was aclocal-1.11 that caused the issue).
> So the good message is I can confirm that the "old way" of installing
> the stack still works (modulo the two issues mentioned above). I can
> access the Virtuoso Conductor at my localhost address and will play with
> it tomorrow. (I can't access lod2demo but hope it's only temporary; will
> investigate that tomorrow as well).
> I hope this helps, either someone browsing this list for info on the
> errors, or by getting the wiki instructions modified (and/or maybe the
> script -- does it have to be aclocal*-1.11*? Mine is at 1.14 now).
> Best regards,
>    Piotr
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