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Good point - I left exploring the techniques and pros and cons for a future
post :)  Clarifying and explaining the options, particularly for the open
data community who perhaps are less up to speed with privacy issues, will
be really helpful.

If there isn't a good existing reference, maybe this group could start to
draft something...

I hope the talk goes well - will there be a recording by any chance?   And
do point people here :)

Best regards,


On 22 February 2013 23:02, Sam Smith <s at msmith.net> wrote:

> In the appendix, there's "anonymisation", without really defining it,
> where what it probably means is "de-identification", "pseudonymisation", or
> any of the various different techniques.
> "Anonymisation" is at a stage where people use that word, and it doesn't
> mean what they think it means.
> Only this afternoon, there was an open data project asking me questions
> about an anonymised data set. They'd left names in.
> I'll talk a bit about this in my privacy talk at ODI on friday. But wont
> go in to a huge amount of detail, although can send people here if that's
> appropriate...
> Sam
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