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Reuben Binns r at reubenbinns.com
Fri Jan 17 13:49:58 UTC 2014

This looks like a really great project:


I'm assuming there's a good chance that at least someone from it is on this
list, who might be willing to share some more information. I'm wondering
when it is scheduled to kick off, and what exactly will the end product
look like. At the moment the website says they will:

"create a framework for identifying and comparing the laws that shape the
information economy. We will publish these laws in easy-to-understand
visualizations and maps"

Will it be something like an open version of the paywalled DP law
consultancy offerings (e.g. Nymity's privacy maps
http://www.nymity.com/Knowledge_Hub/Nymity_Maps.aspx )? Will it aim to be
completely comprehensive or more of a 'general introduction to privacy law
around the world'? Will it be a one off thing or an on-going feed of

Many thanks,

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