[MyData & Open Data] Invitation to - Convergathon : An OKFest Fringe Event

Mark L mark.lizar at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 12:42:57 UTC 2014

Hello Lovely Open Knowledge Foundation People: 

I like to invite you all to a OKFest Fringe Event  called Open DataControl; Convergathon. 

Open Data Control is a new discussion being launched in OKFoundation with this event, which is aimed at discussing how opening data controls can address privacy and security issues we face with data being opened.   

The convergathon is a mixer between people and projects that champion data control in their tech and work and the Open Knowledge community.  We are holding an event this weekend in Berlin at 

On Saturday: (July12)
 We will be hosting several panels, discussions and people via video link and live to speak about their work in data control/privacy and policy. 

On Sunday:  (July13)
We will be hacking : We will use the answers and big issues raised from the events core questions 

More Information
There will be alcohol and a bit of World Cup fever going on (thanks to our sponsors Mandril and F-Secure)
The event will have a virtual venue at http://opennotice.legalhackathon.org/ So you can get involed and ask questions remotely
We have some core questions we are converging on http://opennotice.legalhackathon.org/core-questions/
We are inviting people and projects to collaborate with their ideas, hacks, existing tech and new project to address the issues the core questions bring up over the weekend and will judge these on Sunday.  


The virtual event is intended to be hosted from  Tel Aiv (evening) ,  to Berlin Dinner,  New York (for lunch) with a finish in San Francisco Breakfast on the same day.   The legal hackers, Doc VRM Form Harvard Berkman Centre,  Jon Askin from Brooklyn Law School, Mary Hodder from Open Notice in San Fran.  Lionel Walberger from Emette Global in Tel Aviv, are all collaborating and inviting friends/colleagues interested in notice and consent to come take a look. 

For A full list of speakers

Event Website (under rapid development)

Live Schedule 


Mandril (Mailchimp) & FSecure (Good Guy Security Software)

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