[MyData & Open Data] Update: Open Data Control - Invitation to the first ever 'ConvergAthon' - July 12/13

Mark L mark.lizar at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 21:21:24 UTC 2014

Hello All, 

After a lot of evolution we are now hosting the first  ever #Convergathon for Open Data Control. Which is an event we have literally hacked together and evolved with a lot of different inputs.   The plan is to converge efforts and issues around privacy and data control issues  in Berlin, Tel Aviv, San Francisco and New York. Inviting companies, project and people involved in the emerging data control 

We will be fusing the physical and virtual worlds with a Virtual Venue hosted by Dazza Greenwood (broadcasting from NY) and we invite you to get involved from anywhere and on any device.  

The Hacking part of the event will physically be hosted in Berlin by myself and Reuben Binns.  The virtual venue opennotice.hackerleagues.org will enable people to engage on the big issues raised during the event. 

Both physical and virtual participants can chat, ask questions of speakers across locations and setup video collaborations for hacking solutions to the issues..   

Our aim is to point out the most urgent and significant issues faced when it comes to global data control and to discuss the next generation of personal Big Data. At the end of the event on Sunday teams will hack solutions, present their hacks and the best hack wins, 

For information on how to get involved: opennotice.hackerleagues.org 
Register for the event (to gain access to the interactions and dynamic schedules) here: http://datacontrolhack2014.sched.org/ 
To get live info to your mobile: from sched.org  use the calendar feed  (with live updates and engagement from anywhere) 

We've got a great line-up including: Rufus Pollock (OKF); Doc Searls, Eve Maler (XMLGrrl) Berin Szoka; Harry Halpin(Open Web); Alexander Hanff; Renee Lloyd; Jan Shellaboek; Nick Doty and Johnathan Askin(Brooklyn Law). (and many more headlining speakers to be confirmed by the end of the week.)

It would be great if as many of you could get put the word out via Twitter with the official hashtag #convergathon.   If there is something that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t work don't hesitate to let me know.  (or put it in the ether pad on the instructions page of the website) 

Look forward to seeing you there. 

Best Regards, 


PS. We are looking for volunteers to donate an hour or so of time at the event, if you want to help out  pls let us know. 

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