[MyData & Open Data] Invitation to Get Involved: My Data: Open Data Control: Convergence - An OKFest Fringe Event July 12/13

Sally Deffor sally.deffor at okfn.org
Thu Jul 3 15:11:14 UTC 2014

Good stuff..sounds great!

On 3 July 2014 15:07, Mark L <mark.lizar at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello My Data/Open Data, Open Notice & Kanatara Communities,
> You are all invited to get involved and come to a mixer we are holding for
> My Data on July 13.
> The opportunity has arisen to do more than hack event on July 12/13 and to
> invite a bunch of panels from different communities (and countries)
> interested in personal data control to come and talk about their work in
> this field.
> So, as a result the Fringe Hack event has evolved a little towards the
> idea of convergence,  due to the recent support and enthusiasm from  Dazza,
> (MIT Medial Labs) and Joel (Drive Productions in the UK) we are now able to
> put together a virtual venue and video stream and interact with multiple
> venues.   So we are now officially putting on a best efforts production. ]
> The underlying theme is to support a convergence in communities interested
> in data controls.  We aim to get started around 12:00 pm on Saturday and
>  end  Saturday night very late in `Berlin.  With speakers and guest panels
> from 3pm  - 2:00 am Berlin time and we are thinking about how to make a
> cool event that will spanning 4 different zones and cities.  :-)
> On the Sunday we will have what I like to call Mashups, if there is
> interest and synergy from some different people, we will invite them into a
> session on sunday.  We will also like to invite people to work with or
> comment on projects that have formed for the hackathon (if you are
> interested) we plan to have someone to take care of virtual engagement at
> each location.  With a final judging and drinks as a pre party for the
> world cup finals party.  (so please come and have fun)
> (all ideas welcome) http://opennotice.legalhackathon.org - Comment form
> on the website (shortly)
> We can now confirm a sponsor for drinks on the Saturday evening in Berlin
> for people to come and chat, our venue is also a cafe and bar, so this has
> come in very handy.   (So, it could just turn into a  party because our
> focus is to bring different groups of great people and projects together.)
> All the details should be together on Monday.
> If you are interested in talking about projects or hack ideas in this
> space,  get in touch.  We are aiming to nurture the chats with the virtual
> venue, and a hack workshop led by Reuben Binns on Sunday afternoon  and
> finish with project presentations and judging on Sunday.
> IF this interests you now is a great time to show some support.
> Kind Regards,
> Mark
> For those interested
> *Current Ideas/Update*
> We are working to get some encrypted website chatter going with the events
> in each locations and between events.  In this regard, does anyone (Stef)
> have  any ideas for how we can make a secure back channel for everyone to
> talk to everyone with?
> Also,  Is there anyone who has work (or a passion) that crosses this topic
> and space and wants  to talk about?   If so, we have some spots available
> for people to join discussions and to talk about open data.
> Also, is there anyone  who would like to talk about how good it is to open
> data and create knowledge?  :-) and how opening data controls is good/bad
> or misses the point?  please get in touch right away.
> ******
> Speakers so far:
> Headling  - Ann Cavoukian (TBC) Eve Maler, Doc Searls, Renee Lloyd, Jan
> Schallaboeck (TBC), Berin Szoka, Harry Haplin,
> With a lot more invitations to the legal hacker community about to go out
> Reuben Binns will be leading a little workshop on the Saturday afternoon
> before the panels start.
> The virtual event is intended to be hosted from  Tel Aiv (evening) ,  to
> Berlin Dinner,  New York (for lunch) with a finish in San Francisco
> Breakfast on the same day.   The legal hackers, Doc VRM Form Harvard
> Berkman Centre,  Jon Askin from Brooklyn Law School, Mary Hodder from Open
> Notice in San Fran.  Lionel Walberger from Emette Global in Tel Aviv, are
> all collaborating and inviting friends/colleagues interested in notice and
> consent to come take a look.
> Event Website (under rapid development)
> http://opennotice.legalhackathon.org
> Live Schedule (under rapid development)
> http://datacontrolhack2014.sched.org
> *Sponsors*
> Mandril (Mailchimp) & FSecure (Good Guy Security Software)
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