[MyData & Open Data] Open Government Guide Privacy Chapter

Javier Ruiz javier at openrightsgroup.org
Tue Nov 11 09:48:39 UTC 2014

Dear all

The chapter on privacy of the Open Gov Guide prepared by Open Rights Group and Privacy International (with contributions from people in this list) has been published.

Please share!

http://www.opengovguide.com/topics/privacy-and-data-protection/ <http://www.opengovguide.com/topics/privacy-and-data-protection/>

You can make your own pdf version here http://www.opengovguide.com/report-builder/ <http://www.opengovguide.com/report-builder/>

The Guide really is updatable, and it is particularly easy to add new Country Examples, and new Standards & Guidance to reflect ongoing developments - it feels like this is a particular emerging issue where there may be new things to report as the link between open government and privacy becomes stronger - send any updates to info at opengovguide.com <mailto:info at opengovguide.com>.

Best, Javier

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