[MyData & Open Data] Chapter on open data & privacy in the Open Data Handbook

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Hi all,

The Open Data Handbook returns this year with a chapter dedicated to Open
Data and Privacy! And this week the team is soliciting stories from any
context that relate to this.

See the message below for information about how you can submit one.

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Today's Topics:

   1. Open Data Handbook - Open Data and Privacy stories
      (Mor Rubinstein)


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Hello all,

Earlier this week we published a blog post about the return of the Open
Data Handbook <http://opendatahandbook.org>. You can read all about it here
Like in the open data Index, we believe the book can not be done without
our great community. Therefore, we are looking for stories from all fields
and types about open data.

For the next month I will try and provoke your interest with stories that
we want to add. This week, we would like to focus on Open Data and Privacy,
a new chapter that we would like to add to the book. So if you have an
interesting story about it, do share it with us.

Anyone can send us a story! All you need to do is to submit this form
to us and we will contact you back. You can send us stories in any
language, so don't let the language barrier intimidate you.

Looking forward to read your stories,
Mor and the handbook team
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