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Hi all,

A few other questions come to mind in the context of this although some
could easily be off-base given lack of details of the project.

1/  What are the fiduciary responsibilities of both DFID and the startup
for the ongoing storage and security of this data?

2/  If there is any PII at all in the datasets, what steps will the startup
undertake to offer reasonable guarantee of its security?  What is a
reasonable guarantee of security?

3/  What will happen to the data, especially any PII, if the startup
becomes insolvent?  Are they permitted to re-sell it?

4/  Could the anonymous data be combined with other data sources to create
PII?  Or are they are issues related to the aggregation of this data that
might affect communities or groups at risks, not just people but also
possibly ecosystems, animal populations?

5/  Are there ethical issues related to the fact that a large amount of
Mozambican data will be in the hands of the UK government and a startup
founded by a South African but perhaps not in Mozambican hands?  Where is
the startup incorporated and under what data laws must it operate?  Does
the data-hosting country come into the picture?  For example, I see
Mowoza's server is hosted in South Africa.

Were I in DFID's place, I would engage an organisation like the Engine Room
(https://www.theengineroom.org/about/) or one of a small number of similar
organisations who are thinking proactively about responsible data to help
DFID, LBS, MoWoza, and their Mozambican partners talk some of these issues
through.   This might make a very interesting case study.

Regards... Steve Song

On Fri, Jan 16, 2015 at 6:57 AM, Javier Ruiz <javier at openrightsgroup.org>

> Hi Suzana
> I think we would need to know more about the databases in question. But
> for a general overview of the process of opening up data, the best starting
> point is the Open Data Handbook.
> http://opendatahandbook.org/en/
> The UK Open Data Institute has a system of certificates. Now, you don’t
> need to get one, but the documentation on how to do it is really useful in
> order to understand all the issues you need to consider.
> https://certificates.theodi.org/overview
> I am not clear whether your concerns relate to personal or confidential
> information. “Non-public info” could mean very different things.
> I think you need to clarify what exact data is of concern and then talk to
> a local lawyer.
> A quick check shows that Mozambique has some data protection measures:
> *The Constitution also regulates the protection of personal data kept in
> computerised records and conditions for access to databases, and provides
> that the creation and use of such databases and information stored on
> computerised media by public authorities and private entities, must be done
> in accordance with provisions of law. *
> *Access to databases or to computerised archives, files and records to
> obtain the personal data of third parties, as well as the transfer of
> personal data from one computerised file to another, belonging to a
> distinct service or institution, is also prohibited by the Constitution,
> except where provided for by law or by judicial decision. *
> *All persons are entitled to have access to collected data that relates to
> them, and to have that data rectified (Constitution).*
> *http://uk.practicallaw.com/9-520-6505?sd=plc#a340738
> <http://uk.practicallaw.com/9-520-6505?sd=plc#a340738>*
> But some sources say there are no restrictions on sending data offshore.
> http://www.nortonrosefulbright.com/files/global-data-privacy-directory-52687.pdf
> I imagine the transfer of data to India mean scanning public records in
> Mozambique and sending the files to India for tabular transcription.
> One very practical issue you may face is the quality of transcripts. The
> UK General Registry Office had to cancel an £8M contract because the Indian
> transcribers could not make sense of the writing in the documents, which
> contained old names of people and places and required high levels of
> accuracy.
> Best, Javier
> On 15 Jan 2015, at 22:18, Sally Deffor <sally.deffor at okfn.org> wrote:
> Hi Javier, all
> Suzana here (in cc) is implementing a data project in Mozambique and is
> wondering about how to approach the issue of a partner org wishing to open
> up this dataset which contains some non-public info (if I understand her
> enquiry exactly). Any thoughts? Full details below.
> Cheers,
> Sally
> On 15 January 2015 at 18:15, Mark Lizar <mark at smartopia.eu> wrote:
>> HI Suzanna,
>> I am going to forwards this to Sally, as Sally maybe able to put this in
>> the right place.
>> But, you can also connect via https://okfn.org/ there are a few ways to
>> find the right people on the website
>> On 12 Jan 2015, at 08:32, Suzana Moreira <suzana_moreira at hotmail.com>
>> wrote:
>> Hi Mark,
>> Thank you for the introduction.    Yes, it is an interesting project and
>> could be of great benefit to many stakeholders.
>> Dear Rufus,
>> As mentioned to Mark, we are working on a project in Mozambique that will
>> require gathering a vast amount of historical, hard copy data that is
>> readily available to the public so we just need to digitise it.  But we
>> will also be given data that is not specifically available to the public to
>> meet the end objectives of our project which is to show economic and
>> entrepreneurial activity in Mozambique throughout the war and after the
>> demining period.   All governmental departments along with some private
>> sector organisations are willing to share their data with us for this
>> purpose.
>> The data will be hosted online on two different databases - my start-up
>> and that of DFIDs.  My concern is that DFID wants to make this data open
>> source.  What regulations are in place regarding  the transferring for
>> processing of data (to India, this how the professors want to go about it
>> for their database) and then for making such data open source?  What steps
>> should I take to protect our start-up from future liabilities?
>> Please can you indicate who I should be speaking with in this regard?  We
>> are also looking for further collaborators so would appreciate any
>> suggestions.
>> Thank you.
>> Regards,
>> Suzana Moreira
>> Founder
>> www.mowoza.com
>> +258 86 486 6358
>> +27 72 043 0891
>> skype id: assissi28
>> ------------------------------
>> Subject: Re: Introductions days expert
>> From: mark at smartopia.eu
>> Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2015 16:17:03 +0000
>> CC: feimanheche at robobo.org; rufus.pollock at okfn.org
>> To: suzana_moreira at hotmail.com
>> Hi Suzanna,
>> Sounds like a great project.
>> This sounds like a question for the Open Knowledge Foundation who are the
>> people you want to talk to.   I am cc’ing in Rufus who is the person most
>> likely to direct you to the exact person you need to talk to.
>> Kind Regards,
>> Mark
>> On 8 Jan 2015, at 15:33, Suzana Moreira <suzana_moreira at hotmail.com>
>> wrote:
>> Fei,
>> Thank you for connecting me to Mark.
>> Hi Mark,
>> We did chat once or twice when I went to visit Fei at C4CC.  Hope you
>> remember me!
>> We have been awarded a project by DFID (through the 'Centre for Economic
>> Research Policy team) and will be working with London Business School.  The
>> project research requires that we access vast amounts of data from the
>> Mozambican government, some of it is historical, hard copy and readily
>> available to the public so we just need to digitise it.  Other data is
>> being specifically being given to us for the purpose of completing the
>> project.  The data will be hosted online on two different databases - my
>> start-up and that of DFIDs.  My concern is that DFID wants to make some of
>> this data open source.  What regulations are in place regarding  the
>> transferring for processing of data (to India, this how the professors want
>> to go about it for their database) and then for making such  civil and
>> governmental data open source.
>> Let me know if you can assist or who I should be speaking to.   My skype
>> is assissi28 if you want to connect that way.
>> Thank you very much.
>> Happy New Year.
>> Suzana Moreira
>> ------------------------------
>> Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2015 15:08:48 +0000
>> Subject: Introductions days expert
>> From: feimanheche at robobo.org
>> To: suzana_moreira at hotmail.com
>> CC: mark at smartopia.eu
>> Hi Suzana,
>> In cc is Mark, the data expert you met at C4CC in London, I am sure he
>> can give some guidance on your issue with data, etc.
>> Mark, hope all is well, I am connecting you to Suzana, who had visited me
>> at C4CC some time and am sure you both have spoken.
>> Best,
>> Fei Manheche
>> Founder at Robobo Inc.
>> T: (+258) 84 434 6203
>> W: http://robobo.org
>> E: feimanheche at robobo.org
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