[MyData & Open Data] Mailing list - next direction?

Sam Smith s at msmith.net
Tue May 26 22:26:27 UTC 2015

Hey all,

What's interesting that you're currently keeping an eye on?

There are some other funded projects elsewhere looking at providing "privacy advice" to open data projects; although how those will play out is something we'll see over time. Hopefully some of them will come here for comments on their work (even if their worldview is “we were funded to do this thing, in this way”). The OKFN privacy project ended a while ago, hopefully they learnt something substantive.

So, what's next here?

There are various projects around which are doing interesting things, which this group may be interested in engaging with. What are your emerging interests? What are you interested in some discussion of, that isn't happening elsewhere?  Is this still a useful group?



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