[MyData & Open Data] Consent Social & Consent Hack Project This Weekend

smarthart mark.lizar at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 11:37:43 UTC 2015

Hi MyData

I hope this email finds you all well.    

We are organising a get together tomorrow (Friday) 5:30 - 8:00 PM in London at the Fab Lab.  This is a part of the kick off to the MIT Media Labs  - Future Commerce; Hackathon and a pro-consent campaign.   The aim of the gathering is to get people and companies interested in consent engineering, VRM and hacking commerce together. 

The in person  event will be at the FAB LAB and Sandy Pentland will be providing the keynote from the hackathon. There is also a panel and discussion about consent.  And of course some drinks afterwards. (if you want to come email me)

Second,  We are also  organising a virtual Hackaton project called - 'Consent for Commerce' that will focus on consent to manage data control by hacking together a Campaign for Privacy Day.   

You can hack online or in person 

The London Address is 
Drive Productions
14 Bowden Street
SE11 4DS

All the details are here <https://github.com/FutureCommerce/Hackathon-Projects/blob/master/ConsentCommerce/README.md>.  

Kind Regards, 

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