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today the importance of “big data” cannot be understated, nor can the
power relation that circulate through it be ignored or downplayed. Data
processing is becoming a key means by which our society, economy and
social lives are being shaped. However, mass collection, storage and
analysis of private data sets is organized by companies, governments and
secret service agencies in intransparent, unregulated ways, without
democratic control. This is undermining fundamental individual and
common rights and the power of the people in general.

Therefore we need to put things into perspective: We, the users, produce
more than 75% of the data that make up our digital universe. However, we
do not think of those data as the product of our collective labour and
therefore as something we should own. Instead large corporations and
powerful states own ‘our’ big data. So we need to ask: Is there a way to
turn big data into our digital commons?

Check out ideas that were developed at the UN|COMMONS workshop “Big Data
In Our Hands?” dealing with commons data, data governance, data
infrastructures, commons data centers and data enlightenment.

The material is available via this website:


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