[odc-discuss] Fwd: Links and text up for ODbL beta

Jordan S Hatcher jordan at opencontentlawyer.com
Thu Feb 26 11:26:49 UTC 2009

Rufus and I have been chatting about moving the FIL from my site to  
ODbL, which needs to happen (time issues today for me to get this done).


(it's also up on the wiki)

Begin forwarded message:

> Would you like me to do this? Also can I suggest we rename it to
> something a bit more descriptive -- it's not entirely clear to someone
> new what the difference is between an 'Open Database License' and a
> 'Factual Info License' :)
> What about:
>  * ODC Open Database License (Attribution Share-Alike) -- current ODbL
>  * ODC Open Database License (Attribution) -- current Factual Info
> Or if we don't want to change the ODbL name could just rename  
> factual info to:
>  * ODC Attribution

The FIL doesn't do any attribution, so not sure why we would call it  

> Rufus
> PS: the sooner we get discussions like this one on odc-discuss the
> better I think ...




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