[odc-discuss] Applying the PDDL (was: Re: Open Data Commons - get involved)

Jonathan Rochkind rochkind at jhu.edu
Tue Feb 17 19:07:34 UTC 2009

Ah, but my use case is one where the entire database is not ODC PDDL 
licensed, and/or the entire database is not being distributed as an 
entire corpus. Instead individual records from a database are being 
distributed, where that database may or may not be entirely under a PDDL.

So "Copy the PDDL and include it with any distribution of your database" 
does not apply.

But we have been talking about this, and a general picture is beginning 
to emerge, we just need to figure out how to answer the FAQ in a useful 
and clear and lawyer-approved way.

I think some of Jordan's concerns had less to do with how you 
_advertise_ your data as PDDL, and more to do with making sure you go 
through the proper steps to properly legally release your data as PDDL.  
I understand the basic parameters here too, but still not well enough to 
write an FAQ response myself.


Rufus Pollock wrote:
> 2009/2/17 Jonathan Rochkind <rochkind at jhu.edu>:
>> I'll try to find time to help out with this, but, heh, you know my FAQ
>> question: How do I legally use ODC PDDL to apply to metadata records I
>> create and store in a db, where they may be mixed in the db with other
>> non-PDDL records. :)
> And the two options I think we've been discussing are:
> 1. Copy the PDDL and include it with any distribution of your database.
> 2. Include a statement such as:
> "This material is made available under the terms of the Public Domain
> Dedication and License v1.0:
> <http://www.opendatacommons.org/licenses/pddl/1.0/>"
> Anyone have any other suggestions?
> I know Jordan thinks that to be absolutely watertight you need to go
> for option 1 but I'd imagine that 2 is also pretty good.
> Rufus

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