[odc-discuss] ODbL RC1 and the reverse engineering clause (RFC)

Ulf Möller usenet at ulfm.de
Mon May 18 19:01:12 UTC 2009

Jordan S Hatcher schrieb:
> To give a concrete example of the situation, this is where you make a  
> map from geodata. The map is a "Produced Work" and the geodata is from  
> an ODbL licensed database.   I see this data layer in the produced  
> work as not something covered by the copyright layer in the produced  
> work, which could be, for example CC-BY-SA licensed.
Arguably it is a different layer, but it is still a license restriction 
based on intellectual property claims.

Several open content projects only accept content released under certain 
well-known licenses and do not allow additional restrictions on the 
license. OpenStreetMap would have to go to all those projects (including 
Wikimedia Commons, the various language editions of Wikipedia, and a lot 
of projects that we may not even know about) and find out if they agree 
with your interpretation.

 From a practical point of view it would be much better to proactively 
make sure that maps from OSM data can by CC-BY-SA, GPL etc. licensed 
without any additional restrictions.

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