[odc-discuss] input/output Licensing

Marco Milanesi marco.milanesi at eucentre.it
Fri Nov 6 14:04:24 UTC 2009

> > we are in the process of trying to understand how to regulate
> > the input and output data of a GPL licensed software in a copylefted way.
> Can you elaborate?
> How does one "regulate the input" - are you thinking along the lines of 
> "you may only use this software to process data that is licensed like 
> this..."?
> And how does one "regulate the output" - are you thinging along the 
> lines of "anything you produce with this software has to be licensed 
> like this..."?

exactly, we are wondering if a software could stay free (copylefted) as
a program (GPL), as input data (copylefted) as output data (copylefted)

so that all the users are obliged to share their input/outputs back to
the community

> (b) at least as far as regulating the output goes, it is very unlikely 
> that you (as a person or company) gain any rights to the output created 
> with your program by someone else. Licenses are typically footed in 
> copyright (which requires a creative act on your part - certainly not 
> the case if someone else uses your software on his own input data) or 
> database right (which requires that you have made an effort to collect 
> the data - probably also not the case if someone else uses your software 
> on his own input data). Trying to "license" anything to which you have 
> no rights is moot (and morally questionable).

I am aware that probably it's not possible to regulate in this manner
input/outputs, but we are wondering, only discussing to have clear

thanks a lot! :)

Marco Milanesi & Roberta Borgognoni

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