[odc-discuss] input/output Licensing

Asay, Clark D. casay at wsgr.com
Fri Nov 6 22:27:54 UTC 2009

Frederick, one point of clarification below:

(a) the GPL is incompatible with this; I am not a GPL expert but I 
believe that you cannot add arbitrary restrictions (like "you may only 
use this software when the moon shines/in Romania/when processing free 
data") to the GPL.

If you are the copyright owner of some software and you'd like to put some software under a variant of the GPL (i.e., you add all sorts of other provisions/restrictions to the GPL template), you can certainly do that. You are the copyright owner and can do whatever you'd like in terms of licensing. What you can't do is receive some software under the GPL from a copyright owner and/or other licensee, and then redistribute that software or your derivative thereof under a variant of the GPL (i.e., modify the GPL).

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