[odc-discuss] input/output Licensing

Marco Milanesi marco.milanesi at eucentre.it
Fri Nov 6 15:19:42 UTC 2009

> As I understood Marco, it is not *his* data - he has written a program 
> and now he wants to make sure that if a third party uses his program, 
> this causes the third party to have to license *their* data in a certain 
> way.

exactly Frederik, we are speculating on this option from a 'cover all
licensing point of view' for ALL the people that use the software

(personally I also am not so inclined to tie the user so much to give
back so hard to the community)

anyway, another question is: if our data is covered by odbl + dbcl and
the data is *our*, can we license in a copylefted way also the output?

thanks a lot guys for the comments, we appreciate *a lot*

Marco Milanesi & Roberta Borgognoni

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