[odc-discuss] Open Government Licence interoperable with ODC - Attribution

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Wed Oct 6 23:48:10 UTC 2010

Francis Davey <fjmd1a at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 6 October 2010 20:15, MJ Ray <mjr at phonecoop.coop> wrote:
> > I'm not sure about whether a foreigner actually breaches the DPA by
> > doing something abroad with foreign-made OGL'd data that would breach
> > the Data Protection Act if done here.  Do our laws apply if no-one has
> > a connection with our country?
> The short answer is that the DPA applies only to data controllers who
> are either:
> (1) established in the UK; or
> (2) use equipment in the UK for processing data (but not where that is
> merely for transmitting the data through the UK)

Cool, thanks for checking that.  Not all laws specify it so tightly.

> Of course lots of other countries have data protection legislation,
> and, in particular, every EU country has some implementation of the
> directive on which the DPA is based, so you'd be in trouble elsewhere
> but under different laws.

Yes, but the OGL doesn't require users to comply with those other
similar laws, so I don't care about them for this. ;-)

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