[odc-discuss] Interview with Open Street Map's Steve Coast about relicensing and ODbL

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Wed Jun 22 18:02:22 UTC 2011

On 22/06/11 13:58, Mike Linksvayer wrote:
> ODbL does have differences with BY-SA that go beyond handling of sui
> generis database rights. Re contract layer, we'll see how that plays
> out. To me, provision of ~source (4.6 Access to Derivative Databases)
> is the biggest one, but IANAL (repeat below). I'd wildly guess that
> produced works could be/have been addressed as an additional
> permission (a la GPL exceptions) rather than requiring incompatible
> copyleft.

Requiring source is a biggie, yes. For BY-SA in general it's a can of 
worms I think (see old cc-community discussions on this, obviously).

> No allowing needs to be done; the licensor can already say exactly
> what they're licensing. Documentation of how this ought be done in
> this case, yes.


> I'm not sure which distinction you're drawing between share alike and
> copyleft and would be curious to know why you think contract makes
> more sense for former.

It enforces sharing at the cost of going further than just neutralizing 
general restrictions on use. I think.

- Rob.

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