[odc-discuss] Italian Open Data License - ready for review

Stefano Costa stefano.costa at okfn.org
Tue May 3 09:19:31 UTC 2011

Hi all,
a few weeks ago the revised version of the Italian Open Data License was
published http://www.formez.it/iodl/ thanks to the work of several
people who worked together to make it a truly open license. You will see
that it is explicitly declared as forward-compatible with both the ODBL
and CC-BY-SA.

It would be important for the open government data movement in Italy to
have it flagged as a fully OKD-compliant license. We are available for
providing a faithful translation if needed and for any other question
you might have about it.

All the best

Stefano Costa
Open Knowledge Foundation Italia http://it.okfn.org/
http://okfn.org/ · http://www.opendefinition.org/ 
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