[odc-discuss] Attribution of osm data

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Wed Sep 26 09:04:44 UTC 2012

Richard Fairhurst <richard at systemeD.net>
> Mike Dupont wrote:
> > it is not clear if they used the new or the old database under which
> > license, dont they have to site under which license they have the data?
> I understand that the data used by Apple dates from the period when OSM 
> used CC-BY-SA. As such the database does not have to be made available.

Leaving aside whether the database has to be made available, even
CC-BY-SA requires distributors of derived work to state the licence,
doesn't it?

I'm sorry if this is an old chestnut: please feel free to point me
at a link that I clearly failed to find while searching.  (It seems
like others are also failing to find it...)

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