[odc-discuss] Precluding re-identification?

Howard Look howard at tidepool.org
Thu Nov 2 18:38:09 UTC 2017


I'm new to odc-discuss. My apologies if this has been covered. I could not
find a discussion with my searching.

Our open source, non-profit company makes software that is used by people
living with diabetes. We ask people to donate their diabetes device data
via the Tidepool Big Data Donation <http://tidepool.org/bigdata> project,
which many have done. We would like to now make some these anonymized
datasets available publicly.

I would prefer to not invent a new license, but it appears that the current
ODC-By would allow for downstream re-identification. What do people do that
would like to preclude re-identification of open, anonymized medical data?

For example, people using our software sometimes tweet their continuous
blood glucose graphs. It would not be hard to do analyze the image, and
look for the same pattern of CBG readings in the anonymized database to
identify a person.

This restriction is intended to preclude Protected Health Information from
being re-identified. However I understand why the license does not allow
for further restrictions.

What have other folks done who want to make individual medical records
available but preclude identification?


*Howard Look*
President, CEO and Founder

*Tidepool* is an open source, not-for-profit effort to make diabetes data
more accessible, actionable, and meaningful by liberating data from
diabetes devices, supporting researchers, and providing great, free
software to the diabetes community.

*Email:  *howard at tidepool.org
*Web:    *Tidepool.org <http://tidepool.org/>
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