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Sun Dec 12 18:29:16 GMT 2010

programme and judging by the diverse group that appeared at last
year's camp, there also isn't a particular target audience we need to
cater to. Therefore, I'd love some +1/-1 on the following ideas:

- the 1-day pre-event topic workshop, aka. "Learn ScraperWiki for Fun
and Profit"
- the chat-by-day-and-hack-by-night "Data Dungeon"
- the it-smells-in-here-and-there-are-no-women "Hacker Track" (in programme)
- the 24-hour "get-this-database-pretty" challenge
- micro-wg meetups for popular project classes (legislation tracking,
spending, mapping)
- the general data science fair
- unborn projects speed dating
- a fossmanuals-style book writing effort

What else would people like to try?

- Friedrich

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