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Sun Dec 12 18:29:16 GMT 2010

and judging by the diverse group that appeared at last year's camp, there
also isn't a particular target audience we need to cater to. Therefore, I'd
love some +1/-1 on the following ideas:

- the 1-day pre-event topic workshop, aka. "Learn ScraperWiki for Fun and

+1 - a valuable tool, and also need to bring sense of community and building
on what has gone before.

- the chat-by-day-and-hack-by-night "Data Dungeon"
- the it-smells-in-here-and-there-are-no-women "Hacker Track" (in programme)

-1 - I understand the ethic, but need to be careful not to stereotype.

- the 24-hour "get-this-database-pretty" challenge

0 - good exercise to move the agenda on, but not sure how impactful the
results would be (many people won't understand how bad the data is to start
with).  Could usefully involve groups like OpenCorporates.

- micro-wg meetups for popular project classes (legislation tracking,
spending, mapping)

+1 - good focus, smaller groups will give greater interaction and
relationship building.  Also useful for generating data/examples for people
to use for improvement back in their home jurisdication

- the general data science fair

+1 in principle yes, and could help build bridges between the Open Data
community and the Big Data community to mutual benefit.

- unborn projects speed dating

0 could work, requires careful design.  Variants could be "Dragon's Den" or
"The Apprentice" ....

- a fossmanuals-style book writing effort

-1 not a lot of interaction in this?

What else would people like to try?

- Friedrich

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