[ogdcamp] OGDcamp Participants: Welcome Package and Camp Info

Kat Braybrooke kat.braybrooke at okfn.org
Wed Oct 19 10:30:09 UTC 2011

Hello OGDcampers,

It's almost time for Open Government Data Camp and attendants are now
arriving in Warsaw from across the globe! Here are a few last-minute
details, directions and contacts for tomorrow.

-------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT NOTES

+ ARRIVING: Be sure to arrive at 9:00am (when you enter Soho Factories, look
for our bright OGDcamp signs!) if you want free coffee and a good seat.
Forgot to register? Additional tickets will be sold for full price at the
door. When you arrive, please proceed to the registration desk to get your
name badge and camp programme (also found online at

+ MEALS: Lunch will also be served at 1pm as well as an additional coffee
break at 4pm. A bar will be open from 5pm to get your own drinks afterward.

+ INTERNET: Wi-Fi will be provided on site, but please be sure to use as few
devices as possible (this includes phones, computers, etc) to be considerate
of access & bandwith limitations. You'll find access information at
Registration Desk and Info Desks.

+ INFO DESK: Have a question to ask, need the camp schedule or want to chat
with OGDcamp organisers? Find us at the Info Desk located in the Social
Space, Building 63. Have stickers, flyers or merch you'd like to share at
OGDcamp? Leave them here and we'll distribute them for you!

+ MAP OF AREA: http://g.co/maps/ygxd3 (includes venue and surrounding hotels
and walking routes. Venue map will be included in programme)

-------------------------------------------------------- GETTING THERE

Warsaw is currently undergoing heavy construction work, and without much
prior warning tram traffic around the camp venue (Soho Factories) has been
closed down. Because of this, we recommend taking a taxi or the light rail.

+ TAXI: Taxis should cost about 20-25PLN/ 5-6EUR from Warsaw city centre.
Make sure to grab a taxi with an official sticker on its front window that
charges a fare of 1.80-2.50PLN per kilometre. If you'd like to call a taxi,
we recommend Super Taxi (number: (0048) 22 196 22 or (0048) 22 186 61). Once
you get to Mińska 25 (venue address), ask driver to enter complex through
gate and take you to Building 63.

+ LIGHT RAIL OR TRAM: The easiest stop to reach is the Warszawa Środmiescie
stop next to Centrum subway station, or the Warszawa Powisle stop next to
the De Gaulle Square (Stations are shown on main google map here:
http://g.co/maps/ygxd3) and take train in direction east to PKP Dworzec
Wschodni railstation. Be sure to buy '24h' or '3day' tickets and take the S2
train on the SKM system. Map of route is shown here: http://ow.ly/71T4n. You
can also take tram number 22 from city center, direction Dworzec Wschodni do
Bliska stop. Exit tram, turn Left and cross the street to left side, turn
Left again to Bliska street which leads to Mińska street, then turn Right
and go to Soho factory Entrance (all shown on main map).

-------------------------------------------------------- CONTACT ---------

Lost or have an important question for the OGDcamp core organisers? Email us
at info at ogdcamp.org or call us at (0048) 889 509 187 (this is our Warsaw
cell phone number - ask for Lucy or Theo).

We look forward to seeing you at the camp tomorrow morning!


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