[ogdcamp] Fringe workshop on Organisational Identifiers - Sunday 23rd

Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Wed Sep 7 12:06:59 UTC 2011

This is fantastic Tim! :-)

Yes - please go ahead and set up an EventBrite page, and I'll link to
this from the satellite events page.

Also can you liaise with Theodora (in cc) to put a blog post on this
on the OKF Blog? Hopefully we could also cross post this widely - on
Aidinfo, Sunlight, Open Corporates, etc.

We should also start thinking about target invites. Do you also want
to put in a proposal for a shorter session (2-4 hour) session on this
during the camp itself?


Very exciting! :-)

All the best,


On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 1:54 PM, Tim Davies
<tim at practicalparticipation.co.uk> wrote:
> Hello all,
> It looks like we've got plans together for a fringe workshop on open data
> around organisational identifiers on Sunday 23rd October. A brief summary of
> the workshop focus is below. Anyone else interested in getting involved in
> this - do let me know.
> OKF folk: how are we managing registration for fringe events? Should we set
> up an EventBrite etc?
> Organisational Identifiers Workshop - Sunday 23rd October - Warsaw, Poland.
> Many open data projects would benefit from having a shared and stable way to
> identify organisations within datasets. There are a number of ongoing
> efforts to collect open data on organisations, or to assign unique
> indentifiers to organisations. Establishing a universal scheme of
> organisational identifiers is particularly important for projects such as
> the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), which need to identify
> organisations across many jurisdictions and across sectors (companies,
> charities, governments, other associations and organisations), covering
> countries with diverse approaches to, and quality of, official registration
> schemes. This workshop seeks to bring together different initiatives working
> on organisational identifiers to share knowledge and develop shared
> approaches to creating complementary and compatible access to organisational
> information.
> The core aims of the workshop are to:
> Bring together different actors exploring the organisational identifier
> question: including those focused on companies, charities, government
> agencies and other forms of organisation.
> Identify a shared method (standard) for re-using existing identifiers (e.g.
> Company Registration; VAT Registration). This may focus on convergence and
> compatibility between schemes such as the IATI Identifier (a framework for
> Identifiers); Open Corporates URIs (seeking to cover all companies
> globally); ORGPedia entries (“facilitating the “mashing up” of disparate
> data sets about the ownership, structure, performance and regulatory
> compliance of organizations” [REF]); Guidestar Identifier (NGO focussed) and
> other open data sources and initiatives.
> Identify existing efforts to collect open data on organisations and to map
> together different identifiers (e.g. Corporate groupings; mapping Charity
> and Company numbers etc.)
> Identify gaps in current approaches (e.g. how to handle countries or
> organisation-types with limited registration options available to them; how
> to check the quality of data etc).
> Develop a shared agenda for action in which partners can each take forward
> complementary efforts to define and use shared organisational identifiers,
> and to build the eco-system of open data available for as many of those
> identifiers as possible.
> Registration will open in mid-September. Registration for the Open
> Government Data Camp is already open at http://ogdcamp.org/.
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