[ok-london-announce] Next Open Knowledge London Group meetup?

Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Thu May 8 20:35:50 UTC 2008

Hi all,

For your reference I've posted the notes we drafted at the first meetup at:


Some things to take forward:

# Forums/Workshops

In addition to the Open Visualisation workshop, we're planning a 
workshop on text analysis for the autumn. Other ideas for 
forums/workshops from the first meetup (which I've added to main OK 
London wiki page) included:

  * open licensing
  * cultural heritage
  * digital methods
  * social aspects of open knowledge
  * economics of open knowledge

# Projects

  * Peter Murray Rust suggested we make a short film, or a series of 
mini films about the OKF and the open knowledge community.
  * Use cases or ideas for re-using closed data. What could you do if x 
was open?
  * Toolkit for data providers. Video with different examples. 
Demonstration of best practices in different domains.

Finally, we need to set a date for the next OK London Meetup - so we can 
book again at the London Knowledge Lab. We can use Doodle again to 
decide the specific dates, but first it would be good to get a rough 
idea of how often people are keen to meet. After the last event there 
was some suggestion of monthly or bi-monthly meetings. I presume that 
many people will go away over the summer. Should we try and meet again 
in June?

Warm regards,


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