[ok-scotland] Fwd: Barcamp Glasgow/in principle discussion

Paola Di Maio paola.dimaio at gmail.com
Sat Jun 12 12:36:24 UTC 2010

Dear all

I heard with interest about  the forthcoming Barcamp Glasgow (I think I took
part briefly in Barcamp Edinburgh at Informatics one year go or so)
, but have not seen the entry in the barcamp.org website, nor any discussion
about the organisation

Details here

I  probably wont be able to attend personally on that day

While I do not have a problem that Scottish Enteprises is planning to bring
in some firms to talk, and helping to promote the barcamp culture
I am worried that this is not at all Barcamp, and nor it is a ' barcamp
style' event, in the sense that there is no mechanism for
open participation (not an apparent one),  It doesnt feel right to me.

There is now wiki where people can enter their talks, yadadiyada
you know the score

I would be glad if someone (preferably a lawyer)  could talk to the
organisers and inform them politely  of what a Barcamp is, and that although
Barcamp is not officially trademarke afaik), it would not be good  practice
to use a very well known 'brand name'  to organise somethiing radically
different in its core principle

I ll be happy to have an offlist (or onlis?t) discussion with anyone willing
to look into it further, and suggest the appropriate course of action

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