[ok-scotland] Fwd: first board meeting?

Robin Rice R.Rice at ed.ac.uk
Wed Jun 30 16:21:32 UTC 2010


 >Of course, Its about b it does not quite say anywhere how can people 
be >part of the decision making team (the board)
 >how these are elected, how they are rotated et, all questions i asked 
 >and did not find an answer for

Most boards are selected rather than elected. Their job is to look out 
for the interests of the organisation itself, which often does not 
include publishing minutes. There may be logical limits to what should 
be demanded in terms of transparency from any organisation.

See http://www.ehow.com/how_138781_form-board-directors.html
or any other google hit on How to form a board of directors or similar. 
I think you may have to live with the ways that OKF chooses to implement 
its democracy (e.g. through the public meetings).

Jonathan, I'm not aware of anyone else on this list having any gripes 
with OKF, and would add that we were pleased with its support of the OKF 
Scotland event and the notion of a Scotland group, however it manifests.



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