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Hi Jo,

I'm not sure if this is too late, but I've made a few changes to the text to
try and highlight what people will get out of it. I'm not sure if this is
the right tone for education, so please feel free to ignore the suggestions
and let me know I've got it wrong.


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Subject: EUDL: Open Knowledge Scotland - feedback on announce mail?

dear all at EUDL,

Robin, Stuart and I, with some folks from SCRIPT, and support from IDEA Lab,
are planning a 4-hour Open Knowledge mini-conference at inSpace below the
School of Informatics, on 13th May.

Here's the draft of the email announcement, which we should start
circulating very soon. The text is cribbed from the text for the Open
Knowledge conference in London. It would be great to have some feedback on
this text. Would you attend this event? Is it clear what we're asking for?
Does the tone fit the scope (a fairly informal afternoon/evening, hoping to
attract people from outside of the University as well as within it?)

Comments on or off-list would be very much appreciated.

Open Knowledge Scotland

Where: School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh
When: Thursday May 13th, 3-7pm
How much: free
Register:  http://okscotland.eventbrite.com/

Open Knowledge Scotland brings together individuals from across the open
knowledge spectrum for teaching and discussion. This is an opportunity for
you to hear the latest in creating, publishing or reusing data or content
that is open according to http://opendefinition.org/ and we welcome
contributions in the form of short talks. If you are interested in taking
part please register for the event, and optionally sign up to present a
short talk.

Open knowledge promises significant social and economic benefits in a wide
range of areas from governance to science, culture to technology. Opening up
access to content and data can radically increase access and reuse,
improving transparency, fostering innovation and increasing societal

In addition to high profile initiatives such as Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap and
the Human Genome Project, there is enormous growth among open knowledge
projects and communities at all levels. Moreover, in the last year, many
governments across the world have begun opening up their data.

In academia, open access to both publications and data has been gathering
momentum, and similar calls to open up learning materials have been heard in
education. Furthermore this gathering flood of open data and content is the
creator and driver of massive technological change.

During the session we will consider questions such as: how can we make this
data available, how can we connect it together, how can we use it
collaborate and share our work? How can Scotland benefit from open data?

We welcome proposals on any aspect of creating, publishing or reusing
content or data that is open in accordance with http://opendefinition.org.

Topics include but are not limited to:

### Technology * Semantic Web and Linked Data in relation to open knowledge
* Platforms, methods and tools for creating, sharing and curating open
knowledge * Light-weight, adaptive interaction models * Open, decentralized
social network applications * Open geospatial data

### Law, Society and Democracy * Open Licensing, Legal Tools and the Public
Domain * Open government data and content (public sector
information) * Open knowledge and international development * Opening up
access to the law

### Culture and Education * Open educational tools and resources * Business
models for open content * Incentive and rewards open-knowledge contributors
* Open textbooks * Public domain digitisation initiatives

### Science and Research * Opening up scientific data * Supporting
scientific workflows with open knowledge models * Open models for scientific
innovation, funding and publication ('open-access') * Tools for analysing
and visualizing open data * Open knowledge in the humanities

Jo Walsh

Unlock places - http://unlock.edina.ac.uk/
phone: +44 (0)131 650 2973
skype: metazool

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with registration number SC005336.

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