[OKCon-Programme] Length of talks at OKCon

Daniel Dietrich daniel.dietrich at okfn.org
Tue May 3 15:58:57 BST 2011

Ok - lets try to keep most talks short 

15 - 20 min + x 5 - 10 min QA = 20 to 30 min.

in addition we have

- 3 to 5 min lightning talk
- longer talks & keynote 30 to 45 min + 15 Q&A (45 - 60)

Finally I think we have to look for the context and the content. But I agree we can try to keep most talks short  - but not all. 

I also think the Programme Committee should judge the submissions so we can communicate with the authors about the time they will have. Finally I think we should have one person per room to look for strict time management. Because if we have a lot of short talks it's really important that they are timely - otherwise schedule get's messed up.


On 03.05.2011, at 11:16, Peter Murray-Rust wrote:

> My own preference is towards the short side. Of course there are some speakers who can entrall us for hours (and hopefully those include the invited). 
> Given the enormous breadth of the OK movement I think someone should reasonably be able to attend 10 different invited stimulating talks in the time and have discussion and have time for shorter specific ones and to attend the workshops.
> I wish to attend *all* the invited talks, even if I haven't heard of the speaker (actually especially when I haven't). I want people to go to the conference and get an idea of Open Culture AND open science AND Open Software for Knowledge liberation AND LinkedOpenData AND Open government stuff. I'm assuming many of the attendees will be there for the first time - I want it to feel like an inclusive meeting, not a parallel track where you make decisions too early.
> My impression was tha the last London OKCon was 30 mins. I was really enthused by people I had never heard of. They got their message over in 30 mins. Any more and I would have blown an emotional/political gasket.
> Of course the practicalities take priority
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