[okfn-advisory] Welcome to Hans Rosling!

Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Fri Dec 19 14:47:34 UTC 2008

Many thanks for this Hans! Its now updated:


We look forward to having your input!


On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 11:59 PM, Hans Rosling <hans.rosling at ki.se> wrote:
> Dear Jonathan,
> Many thanks but my bio may be more relevant as this:
> Professor Hans Rosling. Hans Rosling is Professor of International Health at
> Karolinska Institutet and Director of Gapminder Foundation, Stockholm,
> Sweden. His research has focused on poverty and health in rural Africa, but
> as Director of Gapminder he now mainly works on promotion of a fact based
> world view through free access to socio-economic and environmental
> statistics in understandable and interactive animations. His goal is that
> data on the major global trends should not only reach the eye but pass on
> into the brain and affect how actions are decided.
> Pls share dates as soon as possible.
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> Dear Hans,
> Welcome to the Open Knowledge Foundation Advisory Board!
> This list currently includes all members of the Advisory Board, as
> well as members of the OKF's Executive Group:
>  http://okfn.org/advisory_board/
>  http://okfn.org/about/people/
> I have added a brief biography from Wikipedia to the Advisory Board
> page. Please let me know if you have a different or more up to date
> one that I should replace this with!
> We will have a brief Advisory Board meeting in early 2009. I will be
> in touch in the New Year to find a date that suits everyone!
> Warm regards,
> Jonathan Gray
> The Open Knowledge Foundation

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