[okfn-advisory] Leadership transition update and thank you to outgoing CEO

Laura James laura.james at okfn.org
Thu Dec 18 10:25:59 UTC 2014

*This is a joint email from Open Knowledge CEO Laura James and Open
Knowledge Founder and President Rufus Pollock:In September we announced
that Laura James, our CEO, is moving on from Open Knowledge and we are
hiring a new Executive Director. The recruitment process for the Executive
Director has been moving forward apace with the final deadline for
applications on the 2nd January.We’ve been successful in finding interim
senior management support, to enable Laura to pursue her other interests
whilst recruitment of the Executive Director continues. Laura will be
leaving us formally towards the end of January and is stepping out of
day-to-day operational engagement from the end of this week as we head into
Christmas. From Rufus: I want to express my deep appreciation for
everything that Laura has done. She has made an immense contribution to
Open Knowledge over the last 3 years and has been central to all we have
achieved. As a leader, she has helped take us through a period of
incredible growth and change. I wish her every success on her future
endeavours. I am delighted that Laura will be continuing to advise and
support Open Knowledge, including joining our Advisory Council. I am deeply
thankful for everything she has done to support both Open Knowledge and me
personally during her time with us.From Laura: It’s been an honour and a
pleasure to work with and support Open Knowledge, and to have the
opportunity to work with so many brilliant people and amazing projects
around the world. It’s bittersweet to be moving on from such a wonderful
organisation, but I know that I am leaving it in great hands, with a smart
and dedicated management team and a new leader joining shortly. Open
Knowledge will continue to develop and thrive as the catalyst at the heart
of the global movement around freeing data and information, ensuring
knowledge creates power for the many, not the few. In particular, thank you
to all the community members who have been incredibly welcoming and
supportive to me. Your hard work and energy is very impressive and
humbling, and your achievements over the last few years have been wonderful
to see. I know that 2015 will see even more successes from around the Open
Knowledge network, and I’m looking forward to finding out what great things
you all do next!Laura’s work in supporting local groups and working groups,
particularly with advice on group sustainability, strategy, and Chapter
set-up will be taken on by Naomi Lillie and Sander van der Waal, whose
combined expertise will be very helpful there. Best wishes for 2015,Laura &
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