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I agree with Peter on pretty much everything there. happy to talk if
it is going to help...

On 24 February 2018 at 12:05, Peter Murray-Rust <pm286 at cam.ac.uk> wrote:
> Thanks Naomi,
> Feel free to share with anyone relevant.
> On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 1:32 PM, Naomi Lillie <naomi.lillie at okfn.org> wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> May I introduce you to Mark Gibbs (COO) and Paul Walsh (CPO), in CC, who
>> are undertaking the overall leadership of the organisation since Pavel's
>> departure late last year.
>> Paul and Mark are looking to reboot OKI - particularly our Advisory
>> Council, where we are very keen to re-engage. They would like to reach out
>> to you to look at how the Advisory Council can guide OKI through this period
>> of change, refocusing on our vision and mission, and looking ahead to new
>> opportunities.
> I have valued my association with OKF (sic) very highly, both informally and
> on Open Definition, Open Science and Open Access  and felt that OKFest
> Helsinki 2012 was one of the high points in my Open life. I have given a
> great deal of voluntary time to OKF. I know that OKF->OKI was a painful
> process and wanted to help. When Omidyar required a review OKF (ca 2014??)
> the reviewer spent a lot of time with me - which was useful. However
> afterwards I expected that as a member of the Advisory Board I would get a
> copy of the confidential report. In fact this was refused and I have never
> seen what the recommendations were and have never been consulted since. I
> talked (online) with Pavel to represent my concerns but it seemed clear that
> I was not wanted.
> I now have no idea what the formal mission of OKI is and what - at a less
> formal role - it does on the ground. I still have random contacts with the
> Open Access, Open Science and Open Definition lists and I think I am still
> formally on the latter but haven't seen business recently.
>> We wondered whether you would be interested in joining a call in March, to
>> touch base and consider how we connect in future. Do let us know if you
>> would be interested in this, either as a group or individually.
> I am interested because of my past association and input.  I used to enjoy
> very much going to OKF events both in UK and annually. But I don't know
> whether OKI runs events in UK any more. I had mentally reserved this years
> OKFest-redux to reconnect - meet people, get ideas - but that got cancelled.
> I think that unless I actually meet people I probably don't have enough
> input and output.
> As some of you know I have set up my own non-profit, ContentMine, to
> liberate public scientific knowledge from the unjust enclosures of the
> megapublishers and universities (yes). In some since this is a microcosm of
> part of OKI - working in a smaller area but based on Advocacy, Community and
> Tools - very similar to OKI's mission. In fact we shared an H2020 project -
> FutureTDM - between OKI (Sander vdW) and ContentMine. It suffered from the
> awful bureaucracy of Europrojects, and none of us felt happy. So I am
> aligned at a general level.
> I have seen many organsiations got through a "10-year glitch" - examples are
> Wikipedia, PLOS, OKF, where the founders move on having created a non-profit
> with high ideals but  a more business-focussed team and less space for
> visionaries. They get involved the business process (necessary, especially
> legal and financial) but they lose the dynamism of I the initial vision -
> working in Rufus' basement or ContentMine working in Makespace craft room. I
> loved the C4 space in London - where you could drop in and meet people. I
> loved OKCon in London. I miss them. I think Wikimedia has pulled through, I
> think PLOS has lost everything, I don't know about OKI.
> Put another way - and perhaps harshly - what are the specific challenges
> that OKI is involved in where I might be able to contribute? I am not
> particularly good at running organizations so can't help with the general
> process of how to run a non-profit with established staff, premises, etc. If
> there are specific challenges that OKI is involved with I'd be interested to
> see whether I had something to contribute.
> I will certainly join the call. The clearer that I can see the immediate
> challenges and the long term vision, the more useful I will be.
> P.
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