[OKFN - Austria] factbook.json - 260+ Public Domain (Free) Country Profiles Updated

Gerald Bauer gerald.bauer at gmail.com
Mo Okt 26 12:46:51 UTC 2015


  If anyone follows along I've updated and rearranged the
/factbook.json [1] archive (repo). What's news?

  All country profiles got updated using the latest (live) pages from
the CIA World Factbook site.

  The /factbook.json archive now follows 1:1 the "official" structure e.g.

  All country profiles now use the two-letter GEC (formerly FIPS)
codes e.g. au for Austria, gm for Germany, and so on.
  All country profiles are now included (not just a selection)
including all oceans, the world, the gaza strip, the west bank etc.

  The country profiles now get organized / stored by region as used /
assigned by the World Factbook site e.g.:

  - africa
  - antarctica
  - australia-oceania
  - central-america-n-caribbean
  - central-asia
  - east-n-southeast-asia
  - europe
  - middle-east
  - north-america
  - oceans
  - south-america
  - south-asia
  - world

  That's it. Questions? Comments?  As always welcome. Cheers.

[1] github.com/factbook/factbook.json

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