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Further to Pia's email below, I just wanted to alert people we'll be
heading to Newtown in the evening for some open data beers in case anyone
would like to join. Basic plan is upstairs at the Cooper's Hotel on King
Street from 5:30. A sort of informal tweet-up. @mattoddchem #sydopenres



Hey all,

Check this out :) Looks like a great talk!


*Open Data and Content Mining*

*Peter Murray-Rust*
University of Cambridge and Open Knowledge Foundation

*Seminar Room, Level 2 Fisher Library, 2 pm, Wednesday October 31st, 2012*

The publicly funded research in the Scientific Technical Medical (STM)
literature contains multibillion dollars of unused value. Most scientific
articles contain names, numbers, places, chemicals, organisms, graphs,
tables, etc. which can be extracted and re-used. This leads to better
science, new information products, startup companies, better information
for policy makers and much more which I have estimated  at "low billions"
for chemistry alone. For STM, especially medicine, the figure is much
higher. Yet this is currently unavailable for the reasons: (a) publishing
uses PDF which is a very poor way of conveying the information (b)
publishers active prevent mining of the content to preserve their revenues.

We must change this, and soon, though (a) evangelism of the opportunity (b)
lobbying for our rights (c) building the next generation of tools. I shall
cover all these, including our Manifesto on Open Content Mining and
demonstrations of AMI2 - a weakly intelligent amanuensis for the scientist
(based initially on understanding PDFs). This offers great opportunities
for citizenry in general to liberate this vast resource of valuable

All welcome, no RSVP needed
(Host: Dr Mat Todd, School of Chemistry, matthew.todd at sydney.edu.au

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