[@OKFNau] Central ckan or other repository for Aus data?

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Hi Nick
When I spoke to Pia Waugh early in the year she told me that only public servants can upload data to data.gov.au. I was a bit puzzled about this approach to building a repository for open data. She did give me an explanation which I struggle to recall, probably had something to do with the government not wanting to be held accountable for data they do not have the resources to verify. You could try asking to have your data included though and see what Pia says about it. 
How did you get access to the actual pdfs of the pecuniary interests register data? I thought the only versions available online were images of the pdfs that were unable to be transcribed other than manually? That is what the guys at Open Australia Foundation told me anyway when I took interest in the same data a couple of weeks back.
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Subject: [@OKFNau] Central ckan or other repository for Aus data?

Hi all,
I've been doing a fair bit of work recently to convert federal politician expense PDFs into nice, machine-readable formats. I was wanting to make the data more accessible, so was wondering what the best way might be to do this. Can you submit data to data.gov.au if you're not actually in a government department? Is there a similar central respository for aus data? If not, are there any plans for one? 

Nick E. 

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