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There is a good video discussion on the economics argument for open in this
post.  I'd have liked to see Houghton part of this discussion as well given
his excellent work on the topic...

I'd encourage everyone to join the Listserv as the funded work of this
project should have some interesting arguments for use within universities
re having a 'shared commons'.

*First Open Economics International Workshop*

*openeconomics.net* <http://openeconomics.net>* | Dec 17th 2012*

*You can follow all the goings-on today and tomorrow through the live

On 17-18 December, economics and law professors, data publishers,
practitioners and representatives from international institutions will
gather at Emmanuel College, Cambridge for the First Open Economics
International Workshop. From showcasing the examples of successes in
collaborative economic research and open data to reviewing the legal
cultural and other barriers to information sharing this event aims to build
an understanding of the value of open data and open tools for the Economics
profession and the obstacles to opening up information in Economics. The
workshop will also explore the role of greater openness in broadening
understanding of and engagement with Economics among the wider community
including policy-makers and society.

This event is part of the Open Economics project, funded by the Alfred P.
Sloan Foundation and is a key step in identifying best practice as well as
legal, regulatory and technical barriers and opportunities for open
economic data. A statement on the Open Economics Principles will be
produced as a result of the workshop.

*Introduction*: Setting the Scene – General perspectives
*Rufus Pollock*, Open Knowledge Foundation; *Daniel L. Goroff*, Alfred P.
Sloan Foundation, *Tim Hubbard*, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, *Victoria
Stodden*, Columbia Institute / RunMyCode.org
Videostream: Here *Session: “Open Data in Economics – Reasons, Examples,
Potential”*: Examples of open data in economics so far and its potential
Session host: *Christian Zimmermann*, (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis,
RePEc), Panelists: *Paul David* (Stanford University, SIEPR), *Eustáquio J.
Reis* (Institute of Applied Economic Research – Ipea), *Johannes
Kiess*(World Bank),
*Sven Vlaeminck* (ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics).
Videostream: Part 1 and Part 2 *Session: “Legal, Cultural and other
Barriers to Information Sharing in Economics”* : Introduction and overview
of challenges faced in information sharing in Economics
Session host: *Lionel Bently*, (University of Cambridge / CIPIL),
Panelists: *Mireille van Eechoud*, (Institute for Information Law), *David
Newbery*, (University of Cambridge), *John Rust*, (Georgetown
University). *Session:
“Current Data Deposit and Releases – Mandating Open Data?”:* Round table
discussion with stakeholders: Representatives of funders, academic
publishing and academics.
Session host: *Daniel L. Goroff*, (Alfred P. Sloan Foundation),
Panelists: *Albert
Bravo-Biosca*, (NESTA), *Toby Green*, (OECD Publishing), *Nancy Lutz*,
(National Science Foundation). *Session: Trends of Greater Participation
and Growing Horizons in Economics*: Opening up research and the academy to
wider engagement and understanding with the general public, policy-makers
and others.
Session host: *Chris Taggart*, (OpenCorporates), Panelists: *Michael P.
McDonald*, (George Mason University), Hans-Peter Brunner, (Asian
Development Bank), Perry Walker, (New Economics Foundation)

The workshop is a designed to be a small invite-only event with a
round-table format allowing participants to to share and develop ideas
together. For a complete description and a detailed programme visit the
event website.

*Can’t attend? Join the LIVESTREAM here*

*The event is being organized by the Centre for Intellectual Property and
Information Law (CIPIL) at the University of Cambridge and Open Economics
Working Group of the Open Knowledge Foundation and is funded by the Alfred
P. Sloan Foundation. More information about the Working Group can be found

*Interested in getting updates about this project and getting involved?
Join the Open Economics mailing list:*

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