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As you may know Saturday 23rd Februrary is Open Data
We’ve been involved in Open Data Days since they started 2 years ago and
this year will be no exception.

We think this could be a great opportunity for local groups to organize a
physical meetup - and for us to connect together as a network for the day.
As OKFN’s new events coordinator I’m helping organize and coordinate the
OKFN’s activities on Open Data Day.

So: are you planning something? And, if not, would you like to?
If you are doing something we’d love to know! And if you aren’t yet but
want to, would you like any assistance? Please let me know in either case.

One thing to mention now: we have a suggestion for a topic that people
could work on on the day if they don’t already have a good open data
project: the Open Data Census <http://dashboard.opengovernmentdata.org/>.

The Census, which we lauched last April, is about monitoring the state of
open government data around the world. We think Open Data Day could be a
great opportunity to update and extend the census in several ways - see
below for details.


*Open Data Census & Open Data Day

We think Open Data Day is a great opportunity to extend and update the
census in several ways, for example:

   - Develop and contribute to the census (No prior knowledge needed and
   great for analysts, data gatherers and others)
      - More countries with complete info for a given country (plus update
      / checking of exist data e.g. urls for data location)
      - Multiple years
      - More datasets to look at (possibly with topic focuses - e.g. we
      could do a transport focused section of the census)
      - Translation
   - New City Data Census - focus on data from cities
      - City datasets discussion
      - http://census.okfn.org/city/ (to be done!)
   - For coders and designers (plus some analysts!) Present the results
   better - improve the Census
      - Visualizations
      - Stats
      - Leaderboards
      - An aggregate measure (“open data index”)

Our tentative target for the end of the day would be:

   - 60 countries covered
   - Info on at least 8 datasets per country on average
   - Creating a City Census
   - An Open Data “Leaderboard”
   - Trends over time (or a timeline)

One of the great things here is that there is need for every kind of skill
from data gatherer to programmer, analyst to designer and visualizer!*

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