[OKFN-AU] Monday night (29th) meeting at 6pm

David F. Flanders dff.okfn at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 06:19:30 UTC 2013

Dear OKFN Board,

For the Monday night meeting at 6pm we are encouraging everyone to click on
the following "pad" where all questions will be asked and answered via the
'chat window' in the bottom-right-hand-corner (if you would please make
sure to enter your name in the top-right-hand-corner-window prior to asking


The agenda is now up at the above pad so please feel free to add any notes
and/or AOB.

We'll also be YouTube streaming Pia during the meeting so that we have a
record of the meeting to post on the blog (the YouTube link will be posted
in the above pad).  You will be able to watch this live stream if you like,
however it is not necessary for your participation, rather all you need is
the link above, and your nimble typings fingers!

NB we've made this decision to have "texting-based-meetings" so that we
have minimal impact on your personal time, e.g. we hope those with
children, partners or those watching their favorite TV show at home will
still be able to "attend"?

As always feedback appreciated as we are always trying to do it better!

If there are any issues please do contact me on 0407 821 686 and I'll do my
best to provide tech support.

Kind Regards,

David F. Flanders
Secretary to the OKFN-au Board (interim)
Open Knowledge Foundation Australia
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