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David F. Flanders david.flanders at ands.org.au
Wed Jun 5 01:26:27 UTC 2013

Dear OKFN-au WG,

I'm hoping one of you might be willing to step up and act as the curator
for making sure Australia is represented on the Open Data Census platform,
see email from Zara (international OKFN coordinator) below.

This volunteer commitment would be approximately three days per year
(broken up however you so please), including the following tasks:

   - You would need to check census.okfn.org quarterly to make sure the
   latest data is being made available.
   - We would hope for at least one blog post on the OKFN-au blog per year
   to provide an update on the international census data movement.
   - Email updates to the national listserv of any census news of interest.
   - No coding skills are required for this task, as if it was found that
   we needed to upload more data we would action an event or the like to do
   so.  Though naturally we would need you involved in that event.
   - Good article/blog writing skills, and social media skills encouraged.
   - This work may potentially lead into an international hack event on
   international data day - further discussions will happen at OKFN-au of
   which Pia and I will be attending this year as Ambassador for Australia.
   - We are still working on the title of this role, but something like
   "Australian Open Census Ambassador" <-- OKFN would look to provide an
   official reference on your LinkedIn profile or the like for
   this volunteer role.

Please note we'll be advertising for these volunteer ambassador roles on
the OKFN-au blog however we'll always offer these responsibilities to our
official working group first.  Please do suggest someone if you think they
would be well situated to take on this volunteer role.

Further news:

   - We'll also be adding everyone who ticked the 'yes please add me to the
   OKFN listserv' from the GoHhack registration in the coming weeks :) Stay
   - Also further announcements with regards to Dr. Rufus Pollock's visit
   in July coming soon.
   - As always OKFN-au is looking to empower all open organisations in
   Australia so please do let me know how we can help promote your open
   efforts - together we can make more of a difference.

Kind Regards,  David F. Flanders

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Date: 31 May 2013 00:50
Subject: [OKFN-Local-Coord] Open Data Census - Call to Action!!
To: Open Knowledge Foundation Local Coordinators Mailing List <
okfn-local-coord at lists.okfn.org>, Christian Villum <
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 Hi everyone,

 We want to improve the coverage of the Open Data Census (
http://census.okfn.org/ <http://census.okfn.org/>) and verify existing
contributions to ensure information is still up to date and reliable.

 We need your help in doing this! There are 2 aspects:


   Contributing on countries where there is missing information - you can
   do this right now, just visit

   Reviewing existing contributions - you will need access to the review
let us know and we can add you)

 We would also like to appoint Open Data Census editors who would oversee a
country or region.

 This would involve a relatively small amount of time over the next couple
of weeks (until June 12th) and would involve both adding information
yourself and mobilizing input and expertise from colleagues to contribute.

 If you are interested in being an editor please just reply to this mail
(this way we can coordinate efforts). Or, simply go to
http://census.okfn.org/countries/ add information directly!

We look forward to hearing from you!


Zara, Christian, Rufus and the rest of the OKF team


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