[OKFN-AU] the last frontier: open knowledge

David F. Flanders david.flanders at ands.org.au
Tue Mar 19 09:33:10 UTC 2013

Hi All,  I'm back from annual leave and more energised than usual to push
forward the cause (some news on Melbourne #DataHack cycle map events in
collaboration with the Age coming soon :)

I'm quite excited about this upcoming winter as I feel it is the busy
period in Australia (when those Norther Hemispherians start to slack ;-).
 Not least GovHack and other 'open knowledge' type events going on that I
hope to attend and recruit :)

Towards this non-partisian 'open knowledge' outlook I've published the
following post to try and distinguish two points:

a.) Open Knowledge is a kalaeiscope of 'opens'

b.) Being 'a member' of OKFN or part of another organisation doesn't matter
so long as we agree that pushing forward the different frontiers of 'open
knowledge' is what binds us all :)

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