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Luke Hayes luke.myrecovery at gmail.com
Sun Mar 24 06:36:26 UTC 2013

Hello Everyone,

I am new to the group so I thought that I would introduce myself. My
passion in life is to work towards transitioning humanity towards an
infinitely sustainable future which is heavily dependent on Open Data.
Currently I am working on facilitating a global disaster resilience trade
show and multi-platform event distribution to identify and showcase the TOP
50 disaster resilience systems and technology currently in existence.


I am interested in creating new open data sets as well as learning insights
from existing data sets used in new ways.

I would also like to help facilitate a user generated data matrix to
transform education into advanced learning. The goal is to encourage
communities to break down all of the roles in society
(past/present/future-work/family/emergency/sport and recreation/religion)
into skills, tasks, competencies and the values associated with becoming an
expert, through a pre-determined questionnaire. By cross linking
roles-skills-tasks-competencies-values-time we should be able to create a
data matrix of humanity which could be the basis for many other open

If you like these ideas or are already working on something similar I would
like to connect. Enjoy the rest of your weekend ;)

Kind Regards,

Luke Nathan: of the Hayes family

MyRecovery - Global Systems for Increasing Resilience to Disaster

Our Infinite Future - Co-Creating Positive and Infinitely Sustainable

Brisbane, Australia
Mobile: +61413215760
Skype: Hayzy123
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