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Some exciting news with regards to the middle east and open data.
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 Hi all,

I want to share with you some news from my country. I hope to get some

As the "Digital Economy" department (at the ministry of industry, trade,
investment and and digital economy in Morocco) mentioned via Twitter :
https://twitter.com/EconomieNumeric/status/390016240011718656 the new
version of the official Open Data portal of the Kingdom of Morocco will be
based on CKAN. During the last months, I had conducted a number of meeting
with the Open Data committee, trying to convince them to take CKAN for
their project to refonte Data.gov.ma, the Open Data portal of the Kingdom.

This week, I met a responsible at this department who told me that the Beta
version is ready. They will create a "tester" account for me before the
official launching. In few weeks. On this occasion, the department will
write a "thank you letter" for OKFN.

I guess it will be perfect to publish a communique on the OKFN blog, as
Morocco is the first country in the Arab world that will use CKAN for it's
Open Data portal.

Also, the next step will be to organize an OKFN event. The ministry will be
our partner. I'm working now to get the OK from the university of the city
of Meknes (I work with them in some TIC related projetcs...) to provide
infrastructure. By the way, I need to know who would like to be a part of
the event? I can't do it alone...


Abderahman Zohry

OKFN Morocco

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