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Please spread the word about...


Passionate about technology and environmental data?

Your opportunity to access amazing geospatial datasets including land use,
water, weather and more… and we want to let YOU loose on them! Prize pool
includes $2,000 in vouchers and an opportunity to present your work at
Locate 14…

Explore the datasets and see what services and applications you can help
create. You might be a beginner with bright ideas but not sure about the
technical aspects of building tools, services and apps. Or you might be
technical and looking to pair with people who deeply understand the big
picture issues around environmental and geospatial issues.

Do I need to be a hacker to participate?

There is NO explicit requirement to end up with a polished, fully-working
prototype but just see what we can develop, mock-up, design and toss about
in the course of a day by coming together. It’s set to be a fun day where
you’ll meet like-minded people passionate about applying software to the
big issues facing the environment today and you might just pick up a few of
the latest techniques in coding, design and tool-building along the way.

Who should attend?

Developers who are working on or interested in environmental related apps
and services, data scientists, information architects, Government agencies
involved in environmental data, apps and services, anyone interested in
rapidly developing software and anyone else interested in the environment.

Prizes and judging criteria

Shopping vouchers to the value of - 1st: $1,000, 2nd: $500 (must use
Foundation Spatial Data Framework - FSDF, Administrative Boundaries data),
3rd: $200, Other: 3X$100 and various other non-voucher prizes. To be
eligible, a significant part of the project presented on the day must have
been completed at one of the event’s official locations on the event day
(it’s OK to come along with something that has been started beforehand).
All entries must use one of the specifically provided data sets for the
event. Judges discretion will be used to ensure that these criteria have
been met. Data sets and services will be available before Envirohack day.

When: Friday 29 November 2013


SYD: NICTA, Level 4, 13 Garden Street, Australian Tech Park, Eveleigh

CBR: NICTA, Ground Floor, Tower A, 7 London Circuit, Canberra City

BRIS: The Edge, Stanley Street, Brisbane

If you would like to be a part of Envirohack but cannot make one of these 3
locations, data sets will be available prior to the event. Please go to the
link below and register using the ‘other’ button. You are welcome to use
the data sets and submit your entries, however only entries completed at
one of the event’s official locations on the event day will be eligible for
a prize.

RSVP: By 22 Nov https://envirohack.eventbrite.com.au



   Administrative Boundaries - Federal, STate, Local, Post Codes

   Statistical Boundaries - Federal, State, Local

   Hydrography - rivers, streams, catchments

   Transport infrastructure - roads, trains, waterways, airports

   Utilities infrastructure - pipelines, powerlines

   Geocoding (name -> pos)

   Reverse Geocoding (pos -> name)

   Terrain Features - caves, pinnacles

   Climate Change - historical, simulations

   Species Data



   Land Use




   Natural Resources

   Geospatial health information


*EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR*www.linkdigital.com.au

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> Typing it up for peeps... feel free to blog it, share it and otherwise
> promote...
> Will be typing for a little while longer though to get it done:
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-KrDG_xqMMXcAC1c6fM11jWLZyYavZTbbtbbS-eWJAo/edit?usp=sharing
> *EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR *www.linkdigital.com.au
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>> Dear Ambassadors and Supporters of OKFN, Please do help spread the word
>> about #EnviroHack !
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>> Hey guys,
>> could you please post something to the okfn list about envirohack? Sorry,
>> jsut a little stretched atm :/
>> http://envirohack.eventbrite.com
>> Cheers,
>> Pia
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